Who is Upskillbuzz for?

Upskillbuzz is for the average person looking to get new skills online or through traditional ways. We publish reviews and guides about online course platforms, individual courses, books, and tips to succeed in world where upskilling and self-learning are more important than ever.

Who we are


Fernando S. Camargo is a Brazilian professional on the fields of Industrial Design, Business Administration, and Marketing. He currently works in Estonia as a Partner Marketer at Vaimo, a global full-service omnichannel solution agency. Before that, he was the Founding Partner working as Head of Design and Marketing of Project Sports, an outdoor equipment company.


Mike is US professional interested in online learning and self-directed learning. He got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree but left both with debt and an unclear career path. Mike has spent 4 years working in education non-profits dedicated to youth education and helping people learn how to start their own companies. He currently works in a financial services company and spends his spare time reading, learning languages, and taking online courses.

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